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Catch-up post

Crap, I've done lots on the past month and now I'm stuggling to remember what it all was.

Well, there was October Gameforce, at the new venue, which is smaller than the old one but better decorated and they do food. After standing around chatting with Angus waiting for my usual bunch of no-shows to arrive, I sat down with Mike and couple of other and played... oh jeez, I can't remember. All I know is it ended with the longest game of Puerto Rico *ever*.

The weekend after that I had the delightful experience of watching Simon play Portal. It's the sort of game that once you've done a section, it seems utterly obvious and you just want to scream "No! You idiot! You *obviously* have to put the portal at 45 degrees and throw a cube off the ledge! Duh!"

The weekend after that is a complete blank. Seriously. I have no recollection whatsoever. If anyone can remember where I was or what I was doing, please let me know. It's a little worrying.

Last weekend the main event was seeing the Sex Pistols at Brixton Academy. Lowrider Dave asked me how it was ajust now and I described it thus:
The performance was great. Lydon is still completely manic and the playing was really tight.

Trouble is, no-one's afraid of a 51-year-old property developer, no matter how manic.

Also, when he's yelling "No future, no future for meeee", I was thinking, "You sang that 30 years ago. There obviously was a future. What is this song supposed to mean now?"

So it's basically a retro-punk stage show performed by the Sex Pistols, not an actual punk gig. But it was still cool.
And this weekend, I've been mostly playing Crysis, and yesterday was George's birthday do at the Ealing Park Tavern, which was very nice and 6 out of 9 of us had roast beef. Huzzah.
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