n3dst4 (n3dst4) wrote,

Staying In

I haven't blogged recently because I've been up to my eyeballs in various projects for friends - retouching some photos which had gone pink or green with age, designing a site, Something Commercial Which Cannot Be Mentioned for Someone Who Cannot Be Named, and, in the gaps, hacking on my Django/Python app. For me.

I'd share one of the photos, but frankly, at a glance they look like 70's vintage porn and I'd hate to make my blog NSFW on that account.

The design work is interesting because unlike most of the things I've done before, my "client" has fairly strong design opinions, so we've been through several iterations while I try to find a design that matches what he has in his little head.

"Doofus", the killer personal task management application, is languishing a little but I should be able to have a good solid hack on it tomorrow. It's looking good. It's how Google would do a to-do list, and I can thank JQuery and Django for that ability.

So I've spent this evening in working on items (2) and (3),  but it's only half ten, I have a big bottle of Leffe Blonde, and I'm listening to Peter Bjorn And John feat. Victoria Bergsman: Young Folks, which is just about the best new record I've heard in years. It has that soulful pop indie vibe that Scandinavians are so good at. It's so good, in fact, you can have it right now. Enjoy:

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