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Neil de Carteret
It's not his fault - we made him that way.
Who's up for a bank robbery?
I need more time and more money.

I came home this evening fully intending to get a stack of paperwork out of the way and then sit down for several hours serious programming. Instead, the paperwork took hours (I'm still proving to people that I exist and live in the UK) and by the end I felt so drained that I stared at my IDE for ten minutes, corrected some indentation, committed the change, and then closed it.

Conversely, when I got to work this morning I was full of beans and could have hacked solidly for hours, but all I had to work on was a bloody design document that had to be made 18.2% more boring.

And I want to buy a new PC, but it looks like young Master Card is going to pay for it. Awfully generous fellow.